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White Heat


 The divorce decree delivered to Limbo’s Pennsylvania prison cell was the consequence of a single bad decision: choosing the streets instead of his family. But that only fueled  his ambition to win. Limbo’s downward spiral gained momentum after a group of miscreant federal agents ruin his livelihood. That pissed him off. Now he has one thing in  mind: getting back to the top.


 Limbo returns to the streets with his notorious entourage, the Crips,  to rebuild his empire and to replenish his family’s wealth, even if it  means murder. The unprincipled agents  have other plans, though. They  have laid a  compelling trap that’s certain to put Limbo  behind bars forever —Rhapsody, a gorgeous white woman.


 Things spin out of control, though, when a purely sexual encounter turns into an intimate love affair. White Heat is a fact-based novel that examines a  convicted felon’s narcotics business, sexual exploits, violent encounters, and dealings with

state and federal officials  who act above the law.


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Push Comes To Shove


The bills are due again for Greg “GP” Patterson  but this time, they won’t get paid. He and his wife are facing robbery charges when a simple assault they committed goes bad. After a few days in jail, the Pattersons lose everything they own and risk losing their children forever.


Luckily Aunty Jewels bails the Pattersons out, but GP must make some serious moves if he is to provide decent shelter for his family again. A visit to Squeeze, a villainous loan shark, leads to killer interest rates and a murderous default penalty. Nevertheless, GP accepts the terms.


When GP gives Jewels the loan money to flip in a high-stakes credit card scheme, she gets robbed for every single dime. Now GP has to figure out how to pay his debt and gain the respect of his family again, but in the meantime, Jewels has already figured out how to make everybody pay.


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Motion-picture mogul Parrish Clovis has no memory of the event that landed him on the front page of every newspaper in America.  All he knows for certain is that he’s been arrested and charged with a heinous crime.  Parrish’s sister, a functional drug addict, knows the truth:  he’s lying about his claims of innocence.  The unveiling of his double life dissolves their trust.


While out on bail, Parrish finds himself in a bizarre predicament that leaves a stranger dead.  When he awakes from a blackout covered in blood, his worst fear is confirmed:  Parrish is losing his mind.  In a desperate fight to rescue his marriage from ruin, an explosive secret is revealed that makes Parrish wonder if someone is playing a high-stakes psychological game.


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A crippled economy changes Lola Jones’s silver spoon status to copper and threatens to rip her sheltered family from the upper echelons of society and drop them into the rotten bowels of East St. Louis. Only one thing can save Lola’s children from the claws of poverty, a million-dollar insurance policy. It, however, is just a useless piece of paper unless she’s dead. With days away from foreclosure, Lola vows to make the ultimate sacrifice for her children’s well-being.


Two problems: She doesn’t have the guts to kill herself, and her insurance doesn’t pay out on suicides. With only days left before her family learns the true meaning of homelessness, Lola turns to Blasé, a desensitized hit man with a no-turning-back policy, to execute her murder. To foot Blasé’s upfront bill, Lola seeks prostitution and the hole that she has already dug gets deeper.


Living on the erotic edge leads her to an unforgettable sexual encounter with Mannish Major, a lonely married man with skeletons swinging in his closet. Their tryst explodes into a full-blown love affair that renews Lola’s will to live and to face the adversities of life head on. But not even a budding romance will cancel the expiration date Blasé has set on Lola’s soul. Now Lola and Mannish must make a final and desperate attempt to stop the hit man or else they will die trying.